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Our Vision

Cooperation Is Effective

Created by the Law of 21 March 1991, ombudsman poste aims to provide an answer to the European and Belgian dynamics of reaching an agreement through out-of-court settlements.

We are neither judge nor lawyer. The expertise in our case handling is not only based on legal dispositions but also on equity and common sense.

We aim to reach an amicable settlement in each case submitted to our office and in order to do so, we initiate the mediation process starting from the statements provided by all present parties. It is only when no amicable agreement can be reached that the ombudsman services will be required to take a stand on the dispute under the form of a recommandation addressed to the postal operator or an advice addressed to the plaintiff.

ombudsman poste addresses, in its capacity of guaranteed impartial and independent appeal body provided with a large array of investigation prerogatives, structural recommendations to a specific postal operator or, when appropriate, to the entire postal sector. The expertise thus gained will be used to the benefit of reaching an agreement in individual disputes between postal users and postal operators.

Our annual reports reinforce ombudsman poste. This legal requirement provides a compensation to the fact that we may not impose our decisions on postal operators and also consequently gives food for thought to the political and social debate. It may also provide the postal companies with crucial information regarding the assessment of their organisation as well as the level of quality of their services.

We work for each and everyone, looking for solutions in a committed way. Since access to our service is free of charge, each postal user is able to contact us whenever he or she is not satisfied by the way his or her case has been handled by the postal company.

Our team remains committed, boosted by positive results that we achieve in cooperation with equally motivated agents working for the various postal companies.

« Righteous, honest and respectful » constitute the key principles in our external and internal processes: righteousness when approaching postal users and operators, honesty in our case handling and respect for data privacy, for postal users reaching to us as well as for the postal operators with whom we aspire to build and maintain a constructive cooperation.

Cooperation and loyalty are also important within the team of the ombudsman services: indeed, the case handlers are committed to reaching results based on trust. We aim for excellence and build on the individual skills of each case manager while maintaining a good balance between work and private life. Internal control and results monitoring over the past few years have shown that this approach is effective and yields excellent results. Results which, in the end, benefit to the people who are reaching out to us.