Our Role

What We Do

ombudsman poste deals with all disputes regarding national and international items bearing a maximum weight of 31,5 kilograms.

  • it mediates in disputes regarding all activities of bpost (with the exception of bpost bank) or the products it subcontracts
  • it mediates in cases regarding postal activities of other companies that are active on the Belgian market

What We Don't Do

  • primary complaints
  • complaints by telephone
  • anonymous complaints
  • disputes regarding postal operator human resources disputes
  • disputes among the postal companies
  • complaints between the client and the company that are being or have been dealt with by a court of law

Who Has Access To Mediation?

Individuals, companies, associations, organisations, ... based in belgium or abroad:

  • both shippers and addressees
  • either based in Belgium or abroad

for as long as the concerned case is related to a dispute with a postal operator active on Belgian soil and that the plaintiff submitted his complaint to the postal operator in the first place following its internal procedure.

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